About SomethingUsed

SU is founded by me, Manou. Being a sucker for clothes and having no space left, I needed to clear my head, eh I mean closet. Throwing my clothes away is a big no no, so of course that was out of the question. So what now, giving them away felt so empty and I still needed to feed my clothing addiction, I couldn’t just go cold turkey. What to do, what to do…

These are my little beauties, just selling them wouldn’t feel right. They helped me define who I was, became and am today, I’m not heartless, just selling my little darlings on Marktplaats or Ebay, would be no option. I had to create some kind of save haven, somewhere they would get the glory they deserved but also where people will know what these clothes have meant to me.

Just selling my clothes is retailing 1.0, I would create a new dimension, yes it would be retailing 2.0, oh my oh my, what a great feeling! Thus SomethingUsed, ta da! SU is for people who love their clothes but also the story behind it. So when people are looking for an awesome item, they don’t just buy the item but also the past. And so the story continues…

Be bold, be beautiful and love the clothes which dressed you on your path to this moment.

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